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Benefits Of A Faux Flower Arrangement

Faux Flower Arrangement

It’s hard not to love a faux flower arrangement made from silk flowers, when you realize these 10 benefits:

1) Hassle Free

Because they can be ordered online months ahead of time, it’s one less thing to worry about just before the wedding or other event.

2) No Allergens

A faux flower arrangement has no allergens, which means that everybody can enjoy the flowers from close up. No more admiring the flowers from a safe distance and dealing with sniffles and watery eyes. Whether the arrangement is for a wedding or just to brighten up your home, it’s a big benefit for many.

3) Realistic

Our flowers look just as realistic as real flowers and don’t appear clearly fake or tacky in any way. You will find your guests taking a second look to be sure they really aren’t real flowers, and even the bees can get confused!

Artificial Flower Filler Pink

4) Low Maintenance

You don’t want to be spending your valuable time watering the flowers, making sure they aren’t wilting and generally looking after them, and of course you won’t have to do any of that with an artificial arrangement. No sunlight, no soil and no watering needed – and your neighbor doesn’t have to water your plants while you are on vacation!

5) Long Lasting

No need to rush out and order flowers if you need them for a last minute or unexpected event. Faux flowers can be ordered and arranged ahead of time and then kept for when you need them, allowing you to change the arrangement whenever you like too.

6) Any Flower, Any Season

Your favorite flowers are always available, regardless of the season. No need to settle for another type of flower just because of the time of year, and a faux arrangement lets you enjoy any flower, any color and any combination at any time of the year.

7) Affordable

A big plus for anyone budgeting for a wedding – not only are they cheaper, but they will last you longer too, so you can use them over and over again.

8) Durable

Faux flowers won’t break, bend or wilt like real flowers, whether you are transporting them in your car, or storing them to be used next time. We now offer water resistant and UV protected flowers, and flowers that can withstand hot glue.

faux flower arrangement

9) Use at Home Or at Work

We know you have other things to do, whether it’s running a home or taking care of business, and a faux flower arrangement frees up your valuable time as they need no watering, no sun and no time spent caring for them.

10) Use Again

No need to throw your beautiful flowers away after the wedding – use them on your dining room table, or keep until that next special occasion. You can create new memories and keep the old ones alive at the same time.

Whatever your purpose for choosing artificial flowers, you will love it! In the event that you go faux, call us today.

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