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Greenery and Bouquet Fillers

When it comes to greenery in a flower arrangement, it can either make it or break it. Greenery is also one of the most common bouquet fillers. The greenery that you choose is entirely up to you, however, if you want to customise your flower arrangement so that it looks its best, you can follow the guide below.

Types Of Greenery


Myrtle has glossy leaves and long stems. The foliage is thick, which looks best in floral centerpieces.


Ivy is great for accessorizing. It can be added to just about anything from centerpieces for the table to floral headdresses. Because the ivy leaves cascade down along the branches, it is a great type of greenery for wrapping around wreathes. Ivy is also a great way to add body to a floral arrangement.

Leather Fern

The leather fern has a unique formation. This is because it is thick and it extends out. When the leather fern branches out, it does so in a triangular shape. It is great for adding body to any type of floral décor. It also has a long vase lifespan.

Artificial Hanging Fern (bone fern) - Green

Tree Fern

Vigatus is the scientific name for the tree fern. It is a twiggy type of greenery. The stem of a tree fern is very thin. This makes it one of the easiest types of greenery that you can use.

Dusty Miller

Dusty miller is most commonly used in fall table centerpieces and for a winter wedding. The color of dusty miller is gray and white, which means that it looks great with pastel flowers in a bouquet.

Lemon Leaf

The leaves of the lemon leaf are round and thick. The shape resembles that of a lemon. Like the leather fern, the lemon leaf will last a long time in a vase. This type of greenery can either stand alone or it works great as a subtle companion in a bouquet.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

The leaves of a silver dollar eucalyptus contain circular leaves that are between one and two inches and they resemble silver dollars. The thin branches are bendable and they look similar to the ivy branches. This makes it a great option for displays and decorative wreaths.

Eucalyptus Baby Blue

The eucalyptus baby blue is the cousin of the silver dollar eucalyptus. The difference is that the baby blue has smaller leaves. This is a great option if you are trying to add texture to a bouquet or as an accent in a floral wreath.

Honey Bracelet

The stems of a honey bracelet are very long. They are decorated with thin, soft leaves. The stems of this greenery can be molded and shaped in any way, therefore, you can use it for just about anything.


Grevillea is very unique. It has red stems that branch out into many green leaves. Since the branches vary in length, they can be used to add depth to all types of floral décor.

Artificial Flower Filler - Pink

Types Of Filler Flowers

Filler flowers can either add pop to a floral arrangement or they can tone it down a bit. On their own, they aren’t very exciting, however, when filler flowers are paired with flowers, it can make a huge difference. Below is a list of the most popular types of filler flowers used by florists today.


Stock flowers generally bloom in the spring and the fall. They come in a variety of colors from soft white to bright purple. These flowers often develop small blooms which make them perfect if you need to add a pop of color to your floral bouquet.


The statice flower is also known as the sea lavender. This purple flower blooms smaller than stock flowers. This flower is elegant and simple and it symbolizes remembrance.


The Snapdragon is a very unique flower. The stalks are very long and slender. They blossom from the bottom to the top in many different colors. If you are hoping to add density and height to your bouquet, these are the filler flowers that you should use.


Poms are also known as spray flowers. This means that each stem contains more than one flower. They are easy to include in any type of arrangement and they can really enhance the look.


The name, delphinium, comes from the Greek word delphis, which means dolphin. This is because the flowers are blue and purple and when the flower buds are closed, they resemble the shape of a dolphin’s nose.

Bells Of Ireland

If you are trying to create an eclectic look on your dining room table or your coffee table, these flowers can stand alone. They can also be paired with other flowers to create a gorgeous bouquet or centerpiece.


Gyps are most commonly known as baby’s breath and they are part of the carnation family. They are tiny, cute little flowers that look best when they are bunched.


The dianthus is more commonly known as a carnation. It is a very popular flower and it comes in a variety of bright, vibrant colors.


This flower has medicinal qualities as it is used to prevent headaches. The stems are long and flimsy and they blossom into tiny bunches of flowers. They slightly resemble the daisy.


The name of this flower is as exotic as its appearance. The petals have stripes which help create texture and diversity in bouquets. They come in a variety of colors including whites, pinks, golds, and purples.

Artificial Greenery and Flowers

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