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What Are Real Touch Artificial Flowers?

Artificial flowers are used around the world for displays, wedding designs, funeral floral arrangements, wreaths interior decoration and as gifts. Today’s artificial flowers appear very realistic. They have more vivid colors and simply feel a lot nicer, thanks to advances in manufacturing and production. In fact, they almost feel real when you touch them and if you are wondering what are real touch flowers made of, read on.

A Brief History on Real Touch Flowers

During the 1950s, several different processes were devised to give artificial flowers a whole new look, including reinforcing wire around a plastic stem, and petals made from silk. Those same techniques have been used ever since then, although the manufacturing process means that the artificial flowers often got damaged while being used, or during transit.
Polyether polyurethane (PU) foam was introduced in 2006, and this new material transformed the industry.

The computer controlled process involves a lightweight foam made from a mixture of polyether and polyurethane being poured into the petal molds, and the overall result is something that simply looks and feels a very realistic. Flowers made in this way are often called real touch flowers, and most manufacturers have realised the positive potential of this new technology.

Real touch flowers are sometimes referred to by different names, including high quality artificial, realistic or life like. The look of real flowers is also accentuated by the use of silk or latex fabrication processes, and some of these realistic flowers can be incredibly life like.

Real Touch Flowers

Advantages of Real Touch Artificial Flowers

Life like

There are several advantages to real touch flowers, although of course many consumers favor them simply because they look and feel so life like and are as close to real flowers as it’s possible to get. And it’s even possible to add extra touches for even more realism, such as tiny lines on the leaves and petals that look like veins.


These flowers will also keep their original shape, even if subjected to lots of folding, pressing and squeezing, as polyurethane is a stable material, making it ideal for the purpose.

The petals of some flowers are a little bit thicker and are easier to fabricate using real touch materials, rather than silk, and those include peonies, roses, tulips, plumerias, gerbera daisies, orchids and lilies. Unlike pure silk, the edge of these petals that have been made from real touch material won’t become frayed or shredded.

Hay fever and Hypoallergenic Friendly

Allergies can be quite painful for certain people, particularly those allergic to pollen. With artificial flowers, you have the liberty of placing them wherever you want to without tickling anyone’s nose. Silk arrangements are also awesome for individuals who are extremely sensitive to odors and cannot endure the aroma produced by fresh flowers.

Hay fever is common during the summer months. However, many people suffer throughout the year from plant allergies, which can potentially put a damper on their indoor foliage plans. Artificial flowers, the only option for plant allergy sufferers, also ensure that any guests suffering from allergies will not get the sniffles when visiting.

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Flame Resistance

Another appeal of these realistic flowers for consumers and manufacturers is that they allow additives to be added to the formulation, such as flame resistant properties, a fragrance or scent.

In Conclusion

Artificial flowers really have come a long way and today’s real touch flowers are almost indistinguishable from real ones. We invite you to shop with us, and take advantage of our established relationships with a variety of reputable vendors. Whatever the occasion, no matter the level of experience, our artificial flowers will support you with creating your inspired vision of beauty, elegance, style and quality!

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