artificial flower arrangements

Styling Tips For Artificial Flower Arrangements

Artificial Flower Arrangements

If you are thinking about adding artificial flower arrangements to your home but not sure where to start, this is a perfect post for you. We have compiled our top 5 tips for styling your flowers for an organised, fresh, and beautiful new space in your home.

Start with the styling theme. Know the color scheme and the type of look you want to achieve in your home before you start. Creating plans and looking for inspiration can be the perfect way to get started whether it is a rustic garden style, whimsical feminine space, or something in between.

You can select artificial flower arrangements that work for your space. There are many different types of forever flowers from which you can choose from. You can choose from classic flowers such as roses, peonies to the blooms such as orchids, and various types of natives to suit the rest of your space. Try to mix and match styles which complement each other. Use your taste to guide your artificial flower arrangement selections.

artificial flower arrangements

You can start mixing heights and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and different heights when mixing real touch flowers and other styling items. Place your arrangements next to shorter candles or taller ornaments or contrast your delicate forever flowers with rough wooden textures. These small touches can create unique points of interest which will draw attention.

You can throw in unconventional items for points of interest. Try to get creative with the items you use to compliment your artificial flower arrangements. Our favorite example is the tin watering can. It is a gorgeous and unique way to add an interesting aspect to your space. It also blends well with your forever flowers even though you never have to water them. You can also think of creative ideas to add interesting pieces which will look beautiful with your artificial flower arrangements.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have some fun with your styling. Your home is what makes you special, so let your personality shine through your unique flower styling. Enjoy every moment of this.

The Bouquet Maker offer a range of artificial flower arrangements to make your home beautiful. You won’t regret choosing artificial flower arrangements. All the best!

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