Wedding Floral Designer in Australia

Are you looking for a wedding floral designer in Australia? Come to us! We offer our clients the most wonderful floral solutions for their wedding at the most competitive rates.

The Bouquet Maker is a reputed wholesaler for artificial flowers, greenery and floral accessories. We take great pride in working with the best local and foreign manufacturers to bring you the highest-quality floral products at the best prices possible.

Proficient Wedding Floral Designer In Australia

Personally, hand-picked by our qualified and experienced staffs, each of the flowers in our collection are very unique and attractive in design and quality. Perfect for an elegant wedding! Our products can seamlessly blend with any styles of wedding d├ęcor, adaptable from the most creative florist around the world.

Besides wedding, our artificial flowers can support for any occasions, giving your beautiful vision, style and elegance the light, it needs. Our team of wedding floral designers are dedicated to creating exquisite designs for the bride and groom. We are extremely passionate about what we do. We try to maintain quality services the good old-fashioned way. Our florals are designed keeping each and every detail, quality and style in mind to best suit your needs.

Elegant Floral Designs To Grace Your Wedding

Since, your flowers will be featured in almost all the wedding day photos for years to come, we believe that these flowers are an essential wedding day accessory. So, our bouquets come with high stem counts and we incorporate a wide variety of blooms to make the flowers look as beautiful and authentic as possible. This increases the aesthetic appeal, texture and makes the wedding venue appear lush, unique and full of life. Being a successful wedding floral designer in Australia, we try to know our clients personally to understand their needs better. This allows us to customise a design that perfectly suits your needs and wants.

We Work Closely With Our Clients To Deliver Efficient Results

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients personally which allows us to incorporate a part of you into the overall look and design of your special day. Considering your flowers will be featured in nearly all of your wedding day photos for years to come, we believe your flowers truly are your essential wedding day accessory.

We would be honoured to be part of your special day. We offer complimentary consultancy for our busy brides and after-hours appointments too. So, if you are looking for a quality wedding floral designer in Australia, feel free to contact us! Call us at 0403565211 or email us at